Terrawagen's 4 piece kit gives you the protection you need to avoid those scrapes and dings. Not to mention better looks. 

Easy installation, using 3M VHB tape ( Very High Bond ) simply attaches directly to the fender. No holes to drill.


Fits all 2019 and up Sprinter VS30s including 2wd, 4wd, 2500 and 3500.


Installations can be scheduled by emailing installations@sierraadventurevans.com or by clicking on our Installation link. 


Terrawagen Fender Armor Kit -- 907

  • The flares are made from black TPO plastic. They will seem very dark right out of the box. They will however tone down with UV / sunlight and a few washes in a few weeks.

  • *Full catalog available from Terrawagen.  Direct all inquiries to sales@sierraadventurevans.com