DECKED revolutionizes truck bed storage and organization with an innovative, weatherproof and ergonomic solution for pickup truck owners. 100% American made, the DECKED system features two secure full bed-length drawers that glide effortlessly on industrial-grade wheels beneath a 2,000lb payload-rated deck. Constructed from rugged High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and American steel, owners get ergonomic access to tools and equipment while maintaining full use of their pickup truck bed’s footprint.  Storage is customizable, and the system, once assembled, is easily installed and removed with no drilling or other alteration of the truck bed. Forget crawling into your bed or trying to reach into your toolbox to retrieve your essentials, DECKED puts all of your critical gear right at your fingertips. 


Installations can be scheduled by emailing or by clicking on our Installation link. 

Decked Drawer System

  • 2000 LB Payload
    Your truck ain't a man purse. It hauls heavy stuff like cement, plywood, ATV/Moto's, your mother-in-laws new freezer. You can stack 2000 lbs of big stuff on top of the deck and still have access to smooth rolling storage. 200 LBS CAPACITY PER DRAWER.

    Anything falling from the sky can’t get into your drawers. Period. They're not Tupperwear-tight; airborne particulate like dust or mist can make it's way in. 

    DECKED's two full bed-length drawers keep your tools and gear secure, out of sight and out of mind. Lock your tailgate and lock your drawers. Your essentials are in a mobile Fort Knox. 

    High Density Polyethylene
    Impervious to extreme UV light and temperatures. Born for harsh environments.

    Steel Subframe
    Galvanized steel skeleton in-molded to HDPE = Unmatched strength-to-weight ratio of 10:1.

    Fits like a Glove
    Custom shaped to fit your bed. No loss of usable space.

    Ammo Can Storage
    Extra compartments by the wheel-wells to maximize your storage options.

    So easy to operate, even a bear could do it... with gloves on.

    Urethane, sealed bearing drawer wheels. Roll. Like. Butter.

    Ruler & Bottle Opener
    Handy fine finishes because we care. Treated with robust corrosion inhibitors.

    Zero to Minimal Drilling
    J-hooks attach to bed tie downs. Easy to assemble, install or remove.

    Recyled Materials
    Made from 100% recycled HDPE and recycled American Steel.