Fix the harsh wallowing ride of your 4×4 Sprinter 2500 with the Agile Off Road RIP Kit! This Ride Improvement Package combines our STS (Stop The Sway) shock & strut package  with custom rate RIP Rear Leaf Springs & Front Coilovers for the ultimate on & off-road performance handling package!


This isn’t just another “lift kit”. Yes, the increased spring force of the RIP Spring & Coilover will give you an increase your ride height by almost 2″. But be clear, our focus is RIDE IMPROVEMENT! We optimize your suspension setup around your van’s total weight & load distribution. Increase comfort & stability. Potholes, driveways & uneven pavement won’t cause unsettling jolts & wobbling anymore. Maximize your rig’s usable suspension travel. With increased ride height & improved damping, your rig will be more capable off-road while becoming more comfortable & responsive back on the pavement.


This is a bolt-on front & rear suspension upgrade for Mercedes Sprinter 2500 4WD vans. We have several ready-made replacement rear leaf spring packs available based on your Sprinter’s rear axle weight.  Before placing your order, we require you get your vehicle weighed. Select the spring rate that matches closest to your van’s actual rear axle weight. This information can be obtained by placing only the rear wheels on a scale at any weigh station or truck stop. If your van’s rear axle weight is more than 400 lbs. lighter/heavier than our ready-made springs please contact us directly about a custom made leaf spring pack.


For Winnebago Revel RIP kits we recommend 4700 lb. rear axle weight springs.
For Storyteller Mode RIP kits we recommend 5400 lb. rear axle weight springs.


RIP kits also available for 2WD, 2500, 3500 and previous generation Sprinters. 


Installations can be scheduled by emailing or by clicking on our Installation link. 



    Agile Offroad Sprinter RIP Kit - 4WD 2500 (with AO MAX auxiliary front shock)

      • Custom rate RIP rear leaf springs & RIP front coil over
      • AO Fox 2.0 front auxiliary & rear shocks
        * reservoir rear shock upgrade available!
      • 2″ ride height increase (on average)
      • All Agile suspension products are proudly made in the USA!