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We're Sierra Adventure Vehicles. We're outfitters of adventure accessories, built to upfit, upgrade, and customize your adventure van, overland rig or off-road machine. We pride ourselves on providing quality installation, top-notch customer service and the industry's best products.

About Us.

Every shop has a story.  Ours goes a little something like this…


Vans are a versatile mode of transport – perfect for the wanderer, adventure seeker, or soccer mom that wants a bathroom at the field. But vans aren’t perfect, and not all vans are created equal. That’s where we come in. We had the van, but we wanted more. The desire to go a little further, get lost, find dirt and hit the trail got stronger and stronger.  We’re adventure people, we can’t help it. The need to upgrade our Revel was real, but finding a solution was a real problem. So like any good DIY-er, why not just do it ourselves? And Sierra Adventure Vans was born.


After months of tinkering on Sprinters, Promasters and Transits, building out our customers' dream-mobiles, we started thinking…if we can upfit vans, why not build badass off-road rigs, too? Enter Sierra Adventure Vehicles. 


Now, after 17,000 shop hours (and counting) we’re Northern California & Northern Nevada’s one-stop-shop for all things upgrades for your Jeep, truck, van…and even once an old Stewart & Stevenson.






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